Water – update at 20.18

There is a problem with the Ashworth mentions water pumps this morning. The technicians are working on it. More news when we have it.

UPDATE: There is a fault with the three phase electrical supply – the engineers have by passed the pumps and the flats should now all have water, albeit at a lower pressure than normal. We have contacted National Grid who are sending out engineers to investigate.    They are hopeful that someone will be out within three hours.

UPDATE. 15.02 from Linda Foss at kfh.

National Grid are on site and have identified a problem in the street to the three phase supply for the pumps.

They have called in their digging team and may have to turn off the supply to some or all of the flats for possible two hours or more. They are a bit vague at the moment. David is going to print out some notices to put in flat doors but he can’t be certain either which flats will be affected or what time the electricity will be interrupted. He will give residents the number for national grid so that they can enquire if they want to. The engineers will be in the street working and so I would imagine some residents may ask them directly what is going on.

UPDATE 17.00

UK Power Networks have cut the electricity to blocks 6 to 10 while they repair the problem on Ashworth Rd. They say it may take a couple of hours but this is an estimate only.

Meanwhile, David has bypassed the pumps.to give us direct water supply from the mains on Ashworth Rd. This should restore supply but at lower pressure than normal.

UKPN tell us they are bringing a generator as a fall back in case of further delay.

The power cut may mean that you can’t open the street door into your stairwell. If so, please call David to unlock the door for you. He’s on 07946 589322.

UPDATE 20.18

Power was restored to blocks 6-10 at 7pm. UKPN have installed a generator which is now powering the water pumps which are now back in service. UKPN are continuing to work on site to locate the problem with the mains electricity.


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