Summary of March 2008 board meeting


The service charge accounts for the year ending September 2007 were presented. These have been audited and will be circulated to flat owners.

Internal decoration

There is still a small outstanding amount held against the payment to the contractor for the interior redecoration. The board agreed not to release this until snagging is completed.

Water mains

It was agreed to take advice from BTU (the contractor installing the new pump and break tanks) about the best way to get the flats connected to the new system once it is up and running.


Freshwater  is yet to respond to our request for reimbursement of the cost of asbestos removal from the bike shed. The managing agent was asked to chase this. Meanwhile, Air Surveys have finished the work.

Drain repairs

It was agreed to proceed with the drain repairs as soon as possible.

Porter’s flat

The board agreed to the new rent proposed by Freshwater – £18K p.a. compared to £12K hitherto. Having taken professional advice, the board feels that the higher figure is a fair reflection of the market value of the flat. However, a couple of other conditions on the proposed contract remain unacceptable and the managing agent was asked to review these with Freshwater.

Individual flats

One flat owner applied to install a wet room. The board asked the flat owner to put forward new plans which would no longer require the installation of a pump unit to dispose of the waste.

One flat owner is suffering from severe noise nuisance from a musician (tenant) in a neighbouring flat. The managing agent has written to the musician’s landlord. The flat owner has been advised to contact Westminster Council.

Three different flats have reported leaking balconies. The contractor has recommended a new sealant and it was agreed to use this subject to it being a reasonable cost.

Building works

The managing agents were asked to implement the recommendations of the recent health and safety report. This mainly involved repairs to the casing of electrical installations.

It was agreed that the garden lighting cables should be properly buried. The managing agent was asked to obtain quotes for this.

None of the abandoned bicycles has been claimed. The managing agent is trying to find a charity who might be interested in taking them off our hands.

AML shares

It was agreed to proceed with the sales of AML shares. The auditor will be instructed to produce a valuation based on the asset value of the shares. Flat owners interested should contact the company secretary.

Coal stores

One flat owner had enquired whether the coal stores beneath the Grantully  Road frontage were available for purchase/rent. Daron has cleaned these out and they  could potentially make good storage. There was much discussion and it was agreed to continue the debate at a future meeting.


One Response to Summary of March 2008 board meeting

  1. Alan Dodd says:

    Can you please let me know the address of the Co. Sec as i would be interested in purchasing a share in AML

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