Work starts on water mains

Work on the installation of a mains water storage tank and pumps into the plant room in the basement of block one begins on Monday 22nd January and is expected to last until March.  We hope there will be limited disruption as the work will be mainly contained within the current boiler room and office space, but inevitably there may be some disturbance from the associated building work.

Following completion of the works there will then be a commissioning and test period to ensure that the system operates satisfactorily and that the Thames Water mains supply connections are in place. Following satisfactory completion it will then be possible for residents to connect their flats to the new water main system.

The contractor  carrying out the work is BTU Heating Limited and if you do have any  problems during the course of the work please contact the contracts manager who is Nigel Romans on 07768 722577. Please note that BTU have not been retained to advise on plumbing the individual flats. Once the current phase of works is completed, we will circulate flat owners with full details of the new system including FAQ’s on what you can expect from the system and on how to get your flat connected.

The relief caretaker is also aware of the work taking place.  His contact telephone number is 07946 589322 and he will be able report any problems on your behalf.


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