Update on interior redecorations

It is anticipated that the refurbishment of the common parts will be completed by the end of January/early February. A comments book is maintained by Daron and comments may also be addressed via the website, the managing agents or Andrew Manook, the project manager, who is onsite usually on Friday mornings. The main decorating contractors will be completing snagging as soon as the carpets and electrics are completed. Please make sure that any comments you have are received in the next two weeks as there will be no opportunity to rectify problems after the end of the month.


2 Responses to Update on interior redecorations

  1. Anthony Harris says:

    I have received a letter instructing me not to use newspaper to place under my bin bag outside my flat. I do this so that any liquid from the bag, which occasionally occurs does not leek out on to the carpet.
    Your suggestion is to leave the bags on the rough matting, between the doors of the adjoining flats. This has the disadvantages of still allowing the liquid to leak onto the matting, and it means the bags block entry to the flats as there is not enough space between the doors for two bags. As I am on the lower ground level, there is ample space in the stair well for the bags, and if you do not wish me to use paper to protect the carpet, perhaps you would consider providing a plastic tray of some description.
    Thank you for any further thoughts you have on this subject.

  2. You make a good point and we’ll discuss this at the next board meeting in early February. Do any other residents have comments about the new door mats? In my block (5) they seem to be working well as there’s plenty of space for the bags but we’d be keen to get feedback from all round the estate.

    Geoffrey Barraclough
    Flat 44

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