Long term planning

At the residents’ general meeting in October last year a draft long term plan for the maintenance and management of Ashworth Mansions was discussed. We now intend to further flesh out the plan to provide a solid foundation for management over the next few years. The Directors are holding a long term planning meeting on 27th February and it would be most helpful to have lessees’ and residents’ feedback, comments, suggestions etc prior to that meeting.  We therefore invite you to contact us with any ideas, general or specific, which you would like incorporated into future plans. Please address your comments to the directors via the website email address, by speaking to, emailing or writing to the managing agents or by letter handed to Daron. If you would rather have a one to one meeting with a director to discuss your suggestions, please let us know and we shall do our best to arrange a mutually convenient time. We are also planning to circulate a survey/questionnaire. After the meeting on 27th February the Directors will compile a further written plan for consideration by the lessees/residents and for further discussion at the residents’ general meeting on 24th April.

John Sutcliffe Chairman


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