Notes from Board Meeting – 12 December 2006

  • The caretaker reported continuing problems with the central heating and hot water supply and the Board considered how these might be dealt with in the long run, as well as noting the Managing Agents’ actions to deal with current difficulties;
  • Both the carpet contractors and the electrical contractors working on the interior decorations were taking longer to finish their work than had been expected.  The Board discussed the reasons they had given for this and agreed actions to get the project finished as soon as possible;
  • The stairwell notice boards were to be replaced by the contractors as soon as possible so that these could be used to communicate with residents who did not have internet access;
  • David Abdo confirmed his resignation from the Board now that he had moved from Ashworth Mansions but offered to continue to assist over internal decorations until the project was complete.  A vote of thanks was extended to David.  It was noted he had been hugely appreciated by residents and owners over many years and had made a tremendous input into the affairs of Ashworth Mansions;
  • Long-term arrears remained a serious problem in a small number of cases, which were discussed individually by directors.  In each case next steps, involving legal action, were agreed.  In each case careful consideration was given to correspondence and telephone conversation between the Lessees, the managing agents and/or the company’s solicitors.
  • Final reminders had been sent to lessees who had failed to pay recent demands, with the Board agreed – regretting the associated costs paid for from service charge funds – that if these were not now paid promptly then legal enforcement should follow;
  • Quotations were awaited from a number of contractors for the future routine cleaning of common parts.  So far only the current contractors had given a quote;
  • The garage bike store was discussed.  Directors agreed this should be secured with a combination lock to avoid key charges for users and loss of control of access when some of these went missing; that use should be free for residents and on a ‘first come first served’ basis by registration with Daron  The Caretaker would be asked to make sure that each bicycle had the flat is was owned by noted on it in some way, to be agreed with users;
  • Water supply.  The first statutory consultation period was due to end on 23rd December – any observations would be considered after that and the tender process commenced  The Board discussed the appointment of a suitable project manager;
  • A large number of items relating to individual flats were considered;
  • A discussion of noise nuisance concluded that where flats had flooring in contravention of the lease (e.g. hardwood without appropriate covering) and this came to the Board’s attention because of complaints about resulting noise nuisance then there would be a prima facie case for enforcing the terms of the lease and require that the floor be ‘substantially carpeted’.
  • Asbestos.  A resume concerning asbestos dust emanating from an unknown source into two flats during routine clearance of asbestos from the bike store was presented by the Managing Agents.  The occupants and owners of these flats had been fully apprised of the situation.  In further discussions it was noted that health & safety regulations had been complied with fully, that the HSE had been properly aware and appraised of the matter throughout and that all the relevant certificates had been obtained and properly issued.  A proposal from specialist consultants Air Surveys for the progression of this matter was discussed.  Directors agreed that this was sensible and should form the basis of consultation with owners.  A draft letter to the owners and tenants in that block was to be produced by the Managing Agents; contract management was to be awarded to Andrew Manook of Millbridge Project Management Ltd.
  • It was agreed that the next meeting of the Board would be held on Tuesday 6th February 2006.


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